Arta, Mallorca, Balearic Islands


The new Health Center is conceived as a prismatic volume of sober, serene, elegant architecture and in perfect harmony with its context.

The design is the result of a commitment at a social, economic and environmental level. For this reason, the entire project has been rationalized, from the functional program to the construction system, without this entailing a loss of spatial or environmental quality.

The facade composition is an example of this interest: the rhythm, the proportions of the gaps and the stereotomic character attest to the commitment of the proposal.Inside, all the spaces are rationalized, optimizing circulations and spaces. The minimum compositional elements are introduced to give the maximum environmental character: patios, and with them the light and nature; and wood, and with it the unusual warmth in this type of architecture.

The values of construction and structure have undergone the same process, simplifying to achieve maximum compositional expressiveness. For this reason, prefabricated concrete has been chosen both structurally and as a façade. Materials, colors and textures consonant with the environment where it is implanted – that boundary between rural and urban – have been chosen.

The project not only looks after the built, but also the unbuilt. A plaza with a double function is created: parking, when the needs require it, and an autochthonous garden through a mixed and ecological pavement that returns the dialogue with the context. In this way, a functional program is re-naturalized with which by definition is unfriendly: a parking lot.


Local public administration

Jaime Prous, Antón Monedero, Víctor Díaz-Asensio, Carlota Solé, Eduard Romero, Ana Badía

2.000,00 m2


Competition – second prize | Unbuilt

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