by Jaime Prous + Pablo Garrido


Nothing is deeper in man than his skin, wrote Paul Valéry. This may also be the case in contemporary architecture and its repertoire of skins of all kinds: infinite surfaces of glass, facades that defy the laws of gravity, envelopes as thin as the thickness of the spine of a book … magic and spectacle. Few architects can resist the fascination of building skins. DEEP SKIN has to do with that fascination, the construction technology, architecture and training, but it’s not a collection of notes, or a technical manual, a compilation of scientific articles or a style magazine and nor is it a manifesto.

DEEP SKIN was born out of this fascination and of the experiences, concerns and limitations of the “Light Envelopes” course (ETSAV) teaching staff at the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya, plus contributions from other people who have participated in this project, either directly or indirectly.

The authors behind DEEP SKIN use analogy and a sense of humour as tools to bring down the pathetic organization of technical knowledge as a clustering of skills regarding a specific problem. A chance to enjoy a varied “technological gastronomy” through reflection, learning and a good architectural company.

Foreword by:
Michel Bras
Albert Cuchí

With the contribution of:
Pablo Garrido
Jaime Prous
Oriol Muntané
Jaume Avellaneda
Claudi Aguiló
Xavier Ferrés
Cristina Pardal
Ignacio Paricio
Coque Claret
Joan Sabaté

Spanish / English
ISBN 978-84-09-01708-9
21 x 14,8 cm
384 pages
Edited by Fundació Alumilux
Price: 29,99€

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