PGA Catalunya Golf Resort, Caldes de Malavella, Spain

Detached house in the golf

The pronounced difference of levels and the topographic integration are the starting points of the house, embedded into the terrain; the concrete roof is the only facade to the street. To access the house, it is necessary to get into the ground: the retaining walls merge with the color of the clay and penetrate the interior. Above the inhabitants, the slab, weightless and supported by the delicate glass envelope, levitates. Ahead, a kaleidoscope of reflections where the green of the landscape can be seen.

The space is compressed between the horizontal planes of the roof and the ground. Inside, the architecture creates an infinite space in a finite space: with a sequence of patios and reflections, the dwelling introduces the exterior in the interior in a literal way, confusing the user, who no longer knows whether he/she is inside or outside.

Nothing defines a room from another one in an accurate way, there are no doors or walls as they are usually understood, only five dark boxes apparently randomly arranged.

The sophistication of the slab contrasts with the roughness of the walls. The fluidity of the spaces, with the impenetrability of the boxes. The house explores more relaxed forms of dwelling in relation to nature without renouncing the comfort that technology offers.


MBD Real State Group SL

Jaime Prous, Antón Monedero, Àlex Pineda, Ana Badia

Francesc Prat, Joan Ramón Blasco, Oriol Ruiz, Eduard Gascón, Domingo Ruiz

300 sqm


Single family | Built

Adrià Goula

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