PGA Catalunya Golf Resort, Caldes de Malavella, Spain

On the pronounced hillside of a wooded area, these 15 houses are articulated in deep commitment to the landscape and nature.

In addition to the integration with the context, the architecture articulates the creation of an experience for its inhabitants.

From the garden, the house is perceived through a domestic staircase. A porch, a cypress and a shadow welcome the users while protecting from the outside. The entry to the home is through the upper part of a double space which is crowned by a window framing the true motive of the architecture: the landscape. Going down the stairs and after the double height, one discovers those more intimate and sheltered areas: the dining room and the kitchen, true hearts of the house. Finally, the main garden is reached, with good orientation and a longitudinal porch that compresses and dilatates according to needs.

Project executed by Ribas Arquitectos in collaboration with Jaime Prous.


PGA Catalunya Golf Resort

Jaime Prous, Francisco Ribas, Damián Ribas

Eduard Bonmatí, Francesc Prat, Guillem del Oso, Joan Canyabate

250,00 sqm / u.
3.750,00 sqm


Single-family housing | Built

Roger Casas

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