Portol, Mallorca, Spain

A building for tomorrow built like yesterday

A geriatric residence is the last stage of many lives. It should be a return to the simplicity of the beginning, a life marked by tranquillity and security, where nature plays a much more present role.

Our residence is a large building that is perceived on a human scale. A timeless architecture with a modern, compact and clear scheme. A building in dialogue with the autochthonous nature and its immediate surroundings.

The outline of the building is structured in relation to a gallery that separates a compact bar to the north and 4 distinctive pavilions to the south: massive volumes that remind us of the vernacular architecture of the Mallorcan possessions. In between, there are three courtyards opened to the street with different functions: outdoor entertainment place -easy to control-, main access in between -such as Mallorcan clastres: cobblestone and palm trees to welcome-, patio and access of employees, a floor below the building taking advantage of the level difference.

The corridor does not end with the building, it continues at the end of it in a circular route around the forest passing through the Son Caulelles cave, the best example of the Neolithic in Marratxí.


Public administration

Jaime Prous, Antón Monedero, Àlex Pineda

5.900 sqm


Competition | Not built

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