S’Agaró, Costa Brava

Development of 12 apartments 

In one of the most beautiful and privileged spots of Costa Brava, in a plot full of pine trees facing the sea, it stands this group of twelve apartments. Three rocky volumes are sculpted resembling the rocks of Sa Caleta.

In this exceptional and unique environment, all the apartments have sea views while having privacy thanks to the morphology of its compact architecture and its topographic implantation. It is an ideal refuge to rest next to the sea, almost merging the architecture with the landscape.

A perimeter wall surrounds this small oasis, protecting a poetic interior garden that preserves the local species: pines, oaks and cork oaks. At the end of the plot: the infinity pool merges with the sea.

Its interior design focuses on three main concepts: light, space, and route. All this gives it a museum atmosphere, but at the same time warm and Mediterranean.

The light is always designed to capture its different nuances: bluer in the early hours of the day and redder at dusk. The space is conceived as a fluid magma that flees from traditional compartments. The entire distribution revolves around the main terrace. Nothing is left to chance; the visuals are well studied to have interesting perspectives all times.

The materiality is resolved with local and traditional materials but worked and placed in a contemporary way and with current technology. The earth colours and the play of textures are undoubtedly the protagonists.

Group de Palol 

Jaime Prous, Antón Monedero, Àlex Pineda, Eduard Romero 

FIGA Arquitectes 

215,00 sqm /apartment
3.000,00 sqm 


Multi-family housing | Under construction


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