Prada Box

Milano, Italy

Taking advantage of the launch of the new perfume “La Femme and L’Homme Prada” Prada wanted a coup d’état through the creation of an itinerant pavilion destined to travel through the main cities of the globe. The first stop, as it could not be otherwise: The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan.

The pavilion is implanted in the context as if it were an object alien to the earth. It can not be read, it has no scale, it has no definite shape, it has no windows or doors, it has no light. It only has one characteristic that confesses its reality: saffiano’s skin. All its envelope is lined with this fabric, the same skin with which Prada created his prestigious handbags around the 80s.

Grupo Puig

Jaime Prous, Alex Pineda, Antón Monedero, Arnau Reventós

300 sqm


Ephemeral architecture | Not built

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