Sector Quintana de Baix. Montmeló, Barcelona


The building rises as a response of the dialogue between the pre-existence and the conditioning factors of the site. On one hand, it fills the facade of Montserrat Street to the north of the plot: giving continuity and urbanity to the street and solving the existing blind façade. On the other hand, it stretches to the south. It searches for the connection with Poeta Joan Maragall Street. Leaving itself surrounded by pleasant green spaces that fluffs up its boundaries while increases the quality of life.

The floor plan is organized as an “L” where the two sides solve the two different situations. The large volume is related with the new garden. The narrower one has a more urban character. These two different configurations allow one single core of communication in the meeting point between these two volumes. The apartments are organized on a row along the building that allows that every single room enjoys of natural lighting and ventilation. In addition, the terraces give permeability to the façade and extend the apartment to the landscape.

The exterior façade of this “L” is where all the living areas and rooms are settled, ensuring the quality of light and the relationship with the outside. The indoor facade of the volume solves the internal movements flows of the building and the installation steps. All the wet rooms are placed in this area to optimize to the maximum the construction while ensuring the ease of maintenance.

This configuration also allows the existence of ground floor apartments along the large volume that are directly related with the new green space. The narrower volume contains the accesses of the building from Montserrat Street. It is designed as a ground floor passage that becomes a pathway connected with the new green space.


Public administration – Institut Català del Sòl INCASOL

Jaime Prous, Víctor Díaz-Asensio, Antón Monedero, Eduard Romero and Carlota Solé

1.500 sqm


Competition – third prize | Unbuilt

Bside Visuals

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