Barcelona, Spain

In 1934, architects Adolf Florensa and Josep Goday completed the construction of the Foment del Treball building. The building is the result of an urban operation in order to turn the Via Laietana into a communication route between Barcelona downtown and the Eixample and the Port.

The intervention focuses on the restoration of the envelopes, the general operating system of the building and its Training Center.

The Training Center is located in a timely manner in the basement, ground floor and mezzanine of the whole. After solving necessary technical problems such as entrances, levels, evacuations and circulations, the architecture contemplates a great challenge: to create light in the shade. Skylights, walls of light, double spaces … are some of the mechanisms to illuminate the interior of the architecture of the Noucentisme, in addition to the purest style of the Chicago School.

Project executed by Ribas Arquitectos in collaboration with Jaime Prous.


Foment del Treball Nacional

Jaime Prous, Francisco Ribas, Damián Ribas, Clara G Manich

Agustí Vidal, Juan Ovejero, Eyad Said, Mónica Chavarria

3.000 sqm


Equipment refurbishment | Built

Roman Nyan

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