PGA Catalunya Golf Resort, Caldes de Malavella

Development of 9 houses and 30 apartments 

This project of nine houses and thirty apartments is located on a plot with difficult features, but with unbeatable views of the landscape of pine trees and lakes. To the pronounced topography is added a north orientation, little façade to the golf and high density. These characteristics are what will shape the masterplan that focuses its efforts on ensuring that all homes have a good orientation and privacy without giving up on the views.

At the top of the plot are located the apartment blocks grouped two by two and seeking to blend in with the trees. At the bottom, the villas fan out around the lake, settling at different heights to minimize the earth movements.

Villas and apartments are two different typologies with a single language of double spaces, patios, and large windows. This concrete and glass materiality is not so much a sought-after image, but a consequence while building in this environment.


PGA Catalunya Golf Resort

Jaime Prous, Antón Monedero, Eduard Romero, Victor Díaz-Asensio, Carlota Solé

Jordi Chopo, Oriol Ruiz

295,00 sqm /house and 160,00 sqm /apartment
7.290,00 sqm plot


Housing | Under construction


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