Can Llong, Sabadell, Barcelona


The consolidation of the new neighborhood of Can Llong will depend closely on the new buildings. The objective of the proposal is to make a building maximizing the relationship with the outer space. The facades, all the same, are characterized by a visual permeability thanks to a running terrace activated with everyday life. The repetition of arches in the terraces is a compositional and structural element that gives identity and softens the monumentality of the facade in a subtle way.

The floor plan operates as a crown of rooms in row. On the outer side, a continuous terrace extends the house to the landscape. In the inner band we have the server spaces: bathroom, laundry room and gallery with a flexible use. The result is a floor plan with an ordered and rigid grid that paradoxically allows great flexibility in the distribution. The terrace is the most remarkable space of the house, with a very generous dimension increasing more than 20% the surface of the house. The pieces are easily interchangeable and can evolve with the life cycle of the user.

The ground floor is divided into stripes in the direction of the park: the opaque ones contain the communication cores and the transparent fringes are commercial premises. A clean space connects the street with the new park, an interior passage.

Our proposal is committed to a building that oozes life through its exterior spaces, visually permeable, and through the interior passages. A modern building with a proud presence that gives a sense of belonging to its neighbours. A residential building with all the technology to face the ecological challenge, but with apartments that rescue the best of traditional architecture: transitional spaces, rooms with more than one possible use and windows as we like them.


Public administration – Institut Català del Sòl INCASOL

Jaime Prous, Antón Monedero, Ana Badía

4.700 sqm


Competition – second prize | Unbuilt

Bside Visuals

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