Barcelona, Spain

1800 aluminium profiles

Inside the construction fair BB Construmat 2017, hangs the new stand for the company Alumilux, pioneer in constructive solutions in aluminium, metal and glass.

One thousand eight hundred aluminium profiles suspended nine meters from the ceiling, draw a cape that adapts itself to the Cartesian regulation through an organic geometry.

It confuses from the outside: it could remember to the skeleton of a whale hanging from a nineteenth-century museum or perhaps the hat in which the little prince saw a boa digesting an elephant. Everything is thought to capture the same childhood curiosity that the little prince had.

The cape levitates on the edge half a meter above the ground, reaching up to five meters height in the centre. Inside, the reflections and shadows build a cave of cathedral proportions. Its intention is to make known the technological innovations, but above all, it wants to be a centre of debate and vibrant discussion that attracts fair-goers.

Seeking a dry construction with reusable elements, including the profiles: part of an order never delivered, which today has finally its utility.


Alumilux & Metall·lux

Jaime Prous, Antón Monedero, Àlex Pineda

108 sqm


Ephemeral architecture | Built

Adrià Goula

Winner | AJAC XI Awards
Best Stand | BB Construmat 2017 Award

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